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Tidewater Clinical Research, along with area OB-GYN physicians, provides the very latest in medical care by collaborating with pharmaceutical companies in developing new drugs and devices for Women's Health.

For Patients: Whether it be a new treatment or an old treatment in a new combination; a new delivery system; a treatment of last resort when nothing else has worked; or the chance to improve the lives of our daughters and future generations . . .We bring you the very latest in medical care by being on the cutting edge of medical advancement.

Tomorrow's breakthroughs start today with you!
Diversity in study participants is important to better understand how potential vacines work in different people. Race, ethnicity, age, and sex can all impact how different people respond to the same medication.  When you participate in a study, you are helping represent both you and your community and others around the world who may be affected by the condition under clinical study. Your participation could make a difference.

For Industry: We have always believed that real  patients in real medical offices, interacting with their own medical doctors provide the highest data reliability. With an 80,000 female patient database, we are certain we can meet your clinical trials needs.

Our success revolves around experienced coordinators and investigators with over 20 years of clinical trials experience. 
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Pharmaceutical companies show their trust in Tidewater Clinical Research by partnering with us  time and time again. Together we continue to collect data and "develop new ways to prevent, detect, and treat diseases and medical conditions."
98% of our Study Volunteers would volunteer to be in another one of our clinical research trials. Ask how you can join  Research in "Advancing medicine today, curing disease for tomorrow!"
Every medication prescribed must go through the clinical trials process. Without Study Volunteers, there would be no advancement in medicine, no cure for diseases....

We are happy to answer questions you may have about any of our clinical trials. Please  complete the confidential submission form below.
If you would like to read more about a specific trial, please navigate to the topic of interest under "Current Research"

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