To qualify for participation in the
COVID-19 Vaccine Study in Pregnant Women, you must be a patient in our office and be
  • a healthy woman at least 18 years old
  • between 24 0/7 and 34 0/7 weeks of gestation on the day of planned first vaccination
  • having an uncomplicated, singleton pregnancy
  • at no known increased risk for complications
  • must be a patient of our office delivering at our designated hospital
Other Criteria may apply. Qualified participants will receive compensation for time and travel.  Unlike other studies, you do need to be a patient in our practice as our OB doctors complete study-related procedures at delivery.

Volunteers will be randomized to COVID-19 Vaccine or placebo at the Screening Visit. Participants will receive a second vaccine 21 days later. However at the 1 month post partum check up,  all who received placebo originally, WILL receive the COVID-19 vaccine at that visit and again about 21 days later. Moms and babies are followed for 6 months.

Vaccination of pregnant women has been used globally to protect both women and their infants against influenza and as a mechanism to protect infants against pertussis. Several studies have demonstrated that maternal immunization is safe for both mother and infant and an important strategy to protect pregnant women and their infants against infectious diseases.


Please ask your doctor or the research staff  about participating at your next OB appointment.  In the meantime, for more information, please complete the confidential inquiry submission below:

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