In this study we are looking to characterize changes in bone mineral density (BMD) during continuous treatment with MYFEMBREE®  for up to 4 years in premenopausal women with heavy menstrual bleeding associated with uterine fibroids

To qualify, you must:
  • Be a premenopausal woman, 18-50 (inclusive)
  • Have a diagnosis of Uterine Fibroids confirmed by imaging or review of medical records and report heavy menstrual bleeding negatively affecting your quality of life
  • Be willing to  avoid pregnancy for 4 years (length of study) using a nonhormonal method of contraception
  • Have a BMI of at least 18
  • Not have a contraindication to using MYFEMBREE®
*there are other criteria which must be met to participate

** free study-related medication, study-related exams, bone density testing, mammograms, & labs along with compensation to $1700 for qualified participants
MYFEMBREE®  is currently FDA approved and information can be found here.

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